Menu Plan

by LeaDawn on October 10, 2011


I am so excited to have fresh Idaho potatoes again!  We are able to get them for free from the fields this time of year.

Monday- Parmesan Chicken & Spagetti
Tuesday - Homemade Pizza
Wednesday- Chicken Enchiladas (From the Freezer)
Thursday – Chicken Noodle Soup
Friday- Steak & Twice Baked Potatoes (Never did this last week)
Saturday- Hawaiian Haystacks
Sunday- BBQ Pork Spare Ribs (Looking for a new recipe, any suggestions?)

Lunch Snacks
We stick to a simple lunch.  I generally eat leftovers or a PB&J (Yum!).  Daniel takes a simple deli sandwich and snacks.  
Zucchini Bread Muffins (from freezer)
Freezer Chocolate Chip Cookies
Carrot sticks
String cheese

To Freeze This Week:
Each week I try to add a few things to the freezer.  If I do this, I always have a few meals in the freezer for a quick lunch or dinner.

Apple Muffins (recipe to come!)
Apple Pie
(I never got to this last week, hopefully this week…)
Chicken Noodle Soup (Love freezing this to have for a quick meal)

Do you have anything exciting on your menu this week?  Share your favorite recipes in the comments or via email. I would love some new recipes to try & share!

Need some meal ideas? I will be sharing a family favorite recipe every Thursday. Visit our recipe database for a list of our favorite recipes we have shared. Visit Menu Planning Monday for more menu plan ideas.

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