Worm Jello – Creepy Halloween Food

by LeaDawn on October 20, 2011

Are you looking for some fun, festive food for Halloween?  Our wonderful Mother sent me the pictures and instructions for making Jello worms for Halloween.  The pictures look pretty realistic.  I am sure that kids would love this!

Mom wrote:
I thought these were so Halloween.  They did take a little bit of time, though.  I can’t wait to make them when I come stay with Kaehl, Braedon and Tayte. This idea is on Pineterest, but theirs looked more like gummy worms. I just used what I had, and I got quite a realistic worm look.  What do you think?   I had a hard time eating the first one!
1 small package green jello
1 small package red jello
1 cup of water
1/2 cup canned milk


Dissolve green & red jello in 1 cup water (total).  Once jello is completely dissolved, mix in 1/2 cup canned milk.
Pack a cup full of straws (pull the flex-neck part straight & put it at the bottom), then pour the jello into the straws.  Place the cup in the fridge and let it set.  (Sorry the picture is blurry!)
The un-molding is a little tricky.  I ran each straw under hot water for about 4 seconds, then pushed the ‘worms’ out ontoa wax paper lined cookie sheet.  They came out pretty easy that way.  Be careful not to leave them under the water too long.  They go runny quick!
Once they are all out of the straws, they need to go back into the fridge for an hour or so to set up so they don’t stick together when you put them in a bowl.
I made orange jello and put the worms on top of it.  It would take a lot of work to make a whole bowl of worms for everyone.  We served it with mummy hot dogs, deviled egg eye balls, and Natasha’s pumpkin soup.
Thanks mom for sharing!


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Kristin October 25, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Could you tell me what canned milk is? (Sweeten Condensed? Evaporated?) And what size can! Love the jello worms-perfect for Halloween!


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