Kroger Shopping Guide

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If you will notice below there aren’t a lot of Cons to shopping at Kroger-that’s because I love shopping at Kroger. While they don’t always have fantastic sales, there are other reasons why I shop there. If you know of other tips to shopping at Kroger or if you want to share a “Con” please tell us in the comment section below.


The Pros to Shopping Kroger


1. Double Coupons. Kroger in the Memphis area doubles coupons up to 60 cents. This means a 60 cent coupon will double to $1.20! There are no triple coupons in the Memphis area. They do accept printable coupons, read Kroger’s policy here. Be sure to read the NEW KROGER COUPON POLICY here.

Question: There are coupons that state “do not double or triple,” will these coupons double or triple anyway?

Answer: Almost always, YES! Look at the UPC coupon code, if the coupon begins with a 5 it will double or triple. 

2. Manager’s Special. You know it’s a manager’s special when you find a yellow and orange tag covering the original UPC code. Manager’s Specials help get a product out of the store quickly, while offering deep discounts to customers.

In the produce section look for a Manager’s Special label on bags filled with produce, as pictured above. The produce is usually marked at $0.99 a bag. When looking for specials elsewhere watch for special sections dedicated to Manager’s Specials. If your store doesn’t have a Manager’s Special Section, watch for the orange and yellow tags throughout the store! Every Kroger I have been to thus far also has a clearance section for the non-perishable goods. This is a great place to find amazing deals. Keep in mind these deals are sometimes nonexistent, but other times they are all over the store. I have found the best days to shop the Manager’s Special are Tuesday through Thursday. **E-coupons usually don’t work on a Manager’s Special item.

3. Entertainment Book Coupons. The Memphis edition of the Entertainment Book includes twelve $5.00/$75.00 coupons (one for each month starting with November), and one $5.00/$50.00 coupon (to use anytime). These coupons are used before all paper coupons, after all e-coupons and Kroger instant credit deals. I especially like to use these coupons when Kroger has their Mega Event Sale.  See how I used a $5/$50 coupon to pay 45 cents for $ 107 worth or view my recent trip where I used a $5/$75 here.

If you’re interested in purchasing the book be sure and use the cash back sites, Ebates, Cashbaq, or Shop At Home to get an even better deal.

4. E-coupons. E-coupons are electronic coupons that you load to your Kroger card. Sign-up through one of the providers below, enter your card number, and choose the coupons you want to add to your card. It’s that easy! When checking out, the e-coupons will come off after all of your items are scanned, e-coupons do not double.  Read the How to Save Money using e-coupons here.

Kroger has recently changed their e-coupon policy. Find it when you log in to your Kroger account look at your E-coupon page click on the “Coupon Help” to see the coupon policy.

Question: Can I use paper coupons as well as digital coupons on the same item?

Answer: Limit of one coupon per item. Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item. Although many shoppers were allowed to use paper coupons and digital coupons that practice is no longer allowed-read about the end of e-coupon stacking here.

These are the current eCoupon providers:

  • Cellfire (They will ask for a cell phone, but your home phone will work too. They do not use your phone number, it’s just a way to keep track of your account.)
  • Shortcuts
  • Kroger (from the site)
  • Upromise (No instant savings- this is a college savings account)
  • SavingStar (No instant savings-deposited into your SavingStar account)

As with any coupon, there are potential problems when using e-coupons.

  • Be sure to buy the exact brand and size or the e-coupon may not come off. Click on the coupon when you are loading it to read the coupon details.
  • When loading the e-coupons be aware that e-coupons can’t be removed  until they expire for the following reasons:
    The coupon or offer was loaded through another program such as an email or targeted promotion. The offers will have the words “Special Offer Type” called out on the offer.
    The coupon or offer was loaded from another partner site and is not available on our website.
    The offers were loaded by someone else in your household.
  • E-coupons expire too. Watch those expiration dates by using the print list option. I keep this list in my coupon binder, just in case I have any questions while I’m shopping.
What happens if my discount did not apply when I purchased my product at the store?
If your discount was not applied properly, contact our Digital Coupons Tech Support team by clicking on “Coupon Help” and then “Contact Us” from the digital coupons page.

5. Mega Event Sales. My favorite time to shop at Kroger is during their Mega Event Sales. What is a Mega Event Sale? Kroger will have a list of items that are participating in the Sale. When you buy 10 (this could be a different number too) participating items you get a certain amount off instantly at checkout, usually it’s $3.00, $4.00, or $5.00 off. This means for each item you buy there is an extra $0.30 to $0.50 off each item. Combine these prices with paper coupons and e-coupons and you can snag some great deals!

6. On Your Next Order Catalina’s (OYNO Catalina) Kroger usually has several OYNO Catalina deals going on at one time. Sometimes they can be great deals and sometimes they are not. If they are great deals you can be certain that you will hear about them from SavingABundle!

Here’s is an example of what using the Catalina’s can do for you:

Notice the Total Savings percent is 101%! I paid $0.90 and the taxes were $2.45. This is unique-I don’t know of any other store that won’t let you not pay taxes. The Catalina’s are powerful because you can use them on anything you like-even taxes! (By the way that shopping trip is one of my best shopping trips from Kroger.)

7. Fuel Rewards Program. For every $100 you spend, you save 10 cents on your next Kroger fuel purchase! The $100 total is before coupons! You also get 50 points for every prescription filled and can earn gas points when you buy gift cards. Read the details here.


8. Kroger Online. Be sure your e-mail and mailing address are entered so that you can receive saving fliers and store coupons.

You can complete all of the following under the tab “My Acount” after you’ve signed up at Subscribe for e-mail updates including the weekly circulars, digital coupons, promotions, rewards, monthly newsletter and more. Be sure and enter your mailing address at “Edit Contact Information” so you can receive Kroger’s special mailers, which often come with coupons. There is also an option to make a shopping list online.

Under the “My Kroger” link you can check your Card Savings and Fuel Reward Points. Once in a while they will have some great FREE samples here.

9. Price Guarantee. If the price of an item rings up wrong at the register you get that item for FREE! If you have more than one of the item you will get one FREE and the rest at the sale price.



The Cons to Shopping Kroger

1. Kroger Card If a shopper does not use their Kroger card they are going to be paying a lot of money that they could have been saving instead! A shopper will not get the deals or the double coupons unless they use their Kroger Plus Card. **There are also bonuses to having the card too, for example knowing how much you save, e-coupons, the fuel rewards program, and of course MEGA savings!

2. FREE Printable Coupons Not Accepted Kroger’s policy is not to accept any “FREE Coupons” BOGO coupons are acceptable. You can read their posted policy here. Print this and take it with you to the store in case their are any confusions.

3. Not Your Every Day Shopping Store If you are going to save money shopping at Kroger you MUST shop the sales and use coupons. Without these great deals you could walk out paying a fortune!



A Few Tips


  • Kroger doesn’t always advertise sales so if there is a product that you like to buy, and you have a great coupon for that item, be sure and check the price when you are shopping.
  • I usually have a bunch of coupons so I usually check out in the self check lane, that way I can watch the prices, count my coupons, and not make others upset for holding the line! I always count my coupons. One time I had a cashier who was new-she failed to scan 32 coupons! I had to go to the service desk redo my entire purchase again. When we were done my total was $22.00 not the $42 that I paid the first time.
  • If you shop at the Olive Branch, MS Kroger look for Tricia and have her check you out. She does a great job with the coupons, and actually enjoys scanning 50 at a time-unlike some of the others!
  • Returns to Kroger are always welcome. All merchandise is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, Kroger will gladly give you a refund, exchange, adjustment or credit to a Kroger Gift Card. They will not allow returns on food that is outdated unless you bought it that same day.
  • Call Customer Service at 1-800-576-4377 with any problems. Or you can log in to your acount, click the contact us link and send an e-mail regarding your issue.

Well that sums it up! Do you have any trips or tricks when it comes to shopping at Kroger? Please share with us below!

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Elaine Grassbaugh December 4, 2012 at 10:08 am

I shop at a Kroger in Upper Arlington OH. They have very few if any manager’s special items. While others I know shop at other Columbus, OH locations, they always find items. Why are they different from store to store?


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